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健康 System 基金会 Welcomes New Board Member

所罗门 resident Judy Switick has been named to the 网上买球软件 基金会 Board of Trustees. She joins 14 other community members who are currently serving.

“I spent 15 years as a nurse and have now entered a new phase in my career as a 健康 and Life Coach. My experience practicing in these healing professions gives me some knowledge and also perspective,斯威克说。. She continued, “I believe strongly in health as a foundation of our lives. While this means different things to each of us, and different things at different stages in our existence, I believe we all have right to receive the best care and attain the best level of health we can.”

Switick is most excited about 网上买球软件’s 癌症治疗 initiatives. “网上买球软件 has some really big, audacious goals for cancer care – and to see that they are coming to fruition is so impressive.” She previously volunteered and is still a board member for a small charitable organization called In the Pink, which provides cancer support services to those living in her former community of Jacksonville, 佛罗里达.

“With her corporate background and prior healthcare experience, Judy brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to our work,” said Theresa Johnson, Vice President for Brand Strategy and Philanthropy. “Knowing that she is especially passionate about cancer care, Judy will be a valuable asset in helping us grow the program and realizing our cancer mission to build a cutting edge cancer center right here in our region.”

在她的业余时间, Switick and her husband Kevin, who have been married for nearly 40 years, love to travel and spend time with family - including their three children and five grandsons.

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